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Potato Gnocchi with Thyme Cuttlefish, Pumpkin and Coffee


- Avesani potato gnocchi
- half pumpkin
- a sepia
- salt, thyme, extra virgin olive oil q.b.
- coffee powder to taste

Cut a few slices of thin pumpkin to make a chips, lacquered or cover with a little oil and salt, bake at 160C for a few minutes to browning,
Instead cut into cubes about 100g of pumpkin and sauté in a medium flame with salt to flavor.
Grill the squid flavored with thyme and olive oil, cut it for the long.
Cook the gnocchi and sauté with cooking water and the rest of the ingredients, add the chips only once served. It will give you that crisp touch of contrast to the gnocchi!
For the more gourmet, add a sprinkling of Arabica coffee to whisk your gnocchi!

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