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Ravioli with Asiago cheese, Porcini mushrooms and Speck


For 4 people:
Avesani Asiago and herb ravioli
50 gr Asiago
20 gr speck
50 gr porcini mushrooms
radish shoots to taste

For the cream: over a bain marie melt 50gr of Asiago cheese with a drop of milk covered with film.
Meanwhile, sear the speck (a slice about 20g) in a pan over low heat until it becomes crispy.
Cut the porcini mushrooms, about 50g or a couple, very thin and season with a little oil and salt.
Cook the Avesani Ravioli and lay them on top of your cream, add the rest.
It will be an explosion of flavors in the mouth!
For a gourmet touch, add radish shoots and enjoy your meal!

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